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Top 3 Significant Web Pages Your Brand Must Have on the Site

The design of your website can be rather crucial to how successful the brand will be in the digital space. Especially if you’re a B2B business with other companies of the same calibre visiting your site, it’s paramount to make sure that everything is well done and in order. This includes even the basics. 

Although your business site may have multiple web pages of content, there are three core parts that you should never forget to include. These are usually what you can expect your prospects to look for and evaluate first when gauging or learning about your brand. Continue reading to figure out what pages are a must to have on the website.

1) The Home Page

The home page or general landing page will be one of the most significant elements to have on site, if not the most important out of everything else. People who click on the site will refresh and visit this part the most, so be sure to put your best foot forward with the home page.

As the home page provides the first impression that prospects will receive about your business, it’s important to strike a balance between high-level information and minimalism. Overwhelming the people on this page is about the last thing you want to do, so collate your message.

Take advantage of the fact that people visit the home page by leading them to other parts of the website. Direct site visitors to more informative pages such as the company history or the case studies associated with your business. Be sure that every clicked link is working properly.

2) The Contact Page

One main concern you should focus on when creating the website is the queries received. For the questions that a prospective buyer or partner might have, it’s ideal to have a page that contains your brand’s contact information and address when applicable.

Web designers may also add an avenue for site visitors to leave their own personal information. That way, they can voluntarily provide you with information and make it easier to reach out to them regarding their inquiries. Be sure to make this part of the page as accessible as possible. Consider adding a link to each web page to redirect customers to the contact page.

3) The Products or Services Page

Finally, the products or services page is a must for getting orders. Whatever your brand is offering should have its own set of dedicated pages that’ll showcase each item or process that you have. Make sure that this portion of your website is easy to view and navigate.

Aside from the technical aspect of the web design, whatever content you include on each dedicated page per product or service is important. Publish the necessary details so that site visitors can make a quick decision to support your business or inquire more. The description should be well-written to convey its selling points to the audience.


In summary, the core three pages you need to have on the website is a home page, contact page and products or services page. By incorporating this into the web design, you can look forward to better effectiveness.

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