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How to Optimise Web Design for Local SEO Optimisation

Your website is so much more than a URL. It’s a lead generator and information hub that allows you to showcase your services, products, and expertise without even leaving your office.

Websites 2.0 are capable of much more than just delivering information; they are powerful marketing machines for generating leads and sales.

An essential part of every marketing machine is search engine optimisation. SEO is one big umbrella encompassing many marketing methods, from onsite techniques to content marketing.

One method getting a lot of attention these days is local SEO. According to Google, nearly half of all searches are local information. In this article, you’ll discover how to use your website to localise your SEO!

1. Perform Local SEO Keyword Research

There are a few different types of keywords to focus on for local SEO:

Local search keywords: These keywords are specific to your business, like Wagga-based web design company.

Location-based keywords: These are interchangeable with exact keywords but contain information related to location, like Wagga-based web design company near me.

Brand-based keywords: These keywords are your brand name, like JAM Digital Design Wagga.

The first step toward improving your local SEO is to find all these keywords related to your business and its services.

2. Onsite Local SEO Optimisation

There are a few onsite features of your website that will help you rank higher in the local packs, including:

  • Prominently displaying your location on your homepage
  • Highlighting your city/state in your logo or business name
  • Adding your location for each listing. Also, it’s important to note that Google has been using site in all of its product interfaces, such as Google Maps.

3. Integrate Video into Your Web Design

While there are static videos and interactive videos, a website needs both videos to be effective. You should not overlook the power of video and its ability to attract attention.

If you have a service that can be demonstrated visually, it’s a great idea to create a video that shows a potential customer how your service works.

Videos are a reliable way to increase engagement and search engine optimisation. Videos are more effective than images and text when it comes to SEO.

4. Optimise for Mobile Use

Local SEO is significantly changing the way businesses maintain their online presence. However, local SEO is not only about physically appearing in the pack; it’s about being an authority with your target audience.

To gain credibility in the eyes of your target audience, you need to be on mobile devices as well. More than 50 per cent of searches are done from mobile devices, so it’s a good idea to incorporate responsive web design into your website if you haven’t already.


Local SEO optimisation is an effective tactic to give your business a competitive edge. There are many ways to optimise your website for local SEO, but the key is to understand your audience and how you can help them. Without providing value, you won’t make any sales!

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