We helped Sureway design and build and migrate their website to a new platform - in just two weeks! We refreshed the website's look and feel to give it a more modern and a more user friendly interface.

At the heart of the site's design framework were Sureway's two key target audiences; job seekers and employers. We designed the site so each audience could easily find and navigate through to the information and actions they were seeking.

After launching the new site, we started on creating new site content to be featured on the site for a new service they launched. 

Check out their website: www.sureway.com.au


Car Wraps

To raise awareness about Sureway in the Adelaide and Wollongong areas, JAM Media helped Sureway Employment and Training design, manage and book taxi advertising.

It was identified in our initial marketing strategy for Sureway that taxi advertising would be an effective medium to advertise to potential job seekers. 


Style Guide

We put together a style guide for Sureway to help ensure all their marketing remain consistent across all their customer touchpoints. 

The style guide provides direction on branding for colours, typography, signage (vehicles and buildings) and logo usage and also provides direction on layout for internal and external communications including digital advertising, press ads, posters, certificates, letterhead, promotion material, email signatures and business cards.


School Posters

As part of the campaign to promote Sureway's new consumer choice service; Disability Employment Services, we created school posters to help raise awareness within schools for students who may become job seekers the following year. 


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. Our SEO objective for Sureway was to increase their SEO rankings and help convert considerers of their disability employment services.


Pull-up Event Banners

We created and designed branded pull up banners to be used at Sureway employment events and seminars. We created these banners with media and brand awareness in mind. The banners clearly communicates Sureway's branding and tagline as well as reinforcing their call to actions to phone or visit the website.


Performance Reporting

As part of our digital and marketing strategy, we created  monthly digital reports including results and analytics from the website, Google ads and organic search traffic. 



As part of our brand awareness campaign for Sureway, we integrated radio advertising to help raise awareness of Sureway's services. Our radio commercials were aired across several markets within NSW, VIC and SA. We created separate commercials that were targeted at two separate target audiences; job seekers and employers. 



Our awareness campaign included bus shelter and taxi advertising. We targeted employers via outdoor bus shelters in industrial employer dense areas and targeted job seekers close via outdoor bus shelters close to Centrelinks. Each placement had a targeted message to their relevant audience and featured a key call to action to phone or visit the Sureway website.


We targeted job seekers via lifestyle advertising in shopping centres across NSW and VIC. As part of our initial research, we conducted customer surveys to discover insights about job seekers and employers. We discovered food courts were a place where job seekers frequented and dwelled.