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Common Website Design Mistakes That Drive Away Customers

Having a website is essential for every business in today’s competitive digital market. This trend is particularly true after the pandemic, where most companies have been pushed to digitalise their face-to-face transactions.

However, not just any web design will do the trick. A poorly designed website may even scare away your potential customers and encourage them to bounce off to your competitors instead. Make sure your website is designed professionally and effectively. With this, here are some common web design mistakes to avoid:

1 – Poor Mobile Optimisation

Most people view sites through their mobile phones or tablets. If your site is not optimised for mobile users, your site may as well not exist. Your customers are more likely to click away if they see that your images do not fit mobile screens or your menu options are too small for them to tap.

Other than improving user experience, having your site optimised for mobile use also increases your SEO rankings which help in putting you at the top of search results.

2 – Slow Loading Times

A slow website that takes longer than four seconds to load will discourage your customers. They may once again bounce off and go for a competitor site with better loading times.

You should also consider that mobile web pages load differently from desktop versions. However, you can use various site speed tools to check and improve your site’s loading times.

3 – Overwhelming Landing Pages

Are there too many links, graphics, text, and ads on your landing page? These aspects will likely confuse your customers and make them click out of your site. Your landing page should be aptly designed so that your visitors understand what your website is about within the first few seconds of seeing it.

4 – Cryptic Landing Pages

As much as a landing page can be overwhelming, it can also be too plain and cryptic. Although the minimalist design is a huge trend right now, doing it correctly is tricky to pull off.  Your site still needs the right balance of content, graphics, and intuitive navigation to encourage your visitors to stay and browse.

5 – Poor Navigation

Your site is there to help a visitor complete a task, whether to sign up for a newsletter or purchase from your online store. Your site should have a design that encourages your visitors to navigate it and complete these tasks.

A poorly designed site may confuse your customers and get them stuck in a loop because they don’t understand your content. They are likely to leave and never come back.

6 – No Calls to Action

Are you getting more traffic on your site, but your customers are not signing up for your services or purchasing your items? You may not be steering them to your goal correctly. 

Make sure you have an explicit call to action so that your visitors know what you are offering in the first place. This element is key to converting your traffic into sales and profits.


Not just any website design will do, especially if you are running an e-commerce website for your business. Your website has to be designed in a way that conveys your message and encourages your customers to make a purchase.

It’s common for beginners to commit website design mistakes which can easily discourage customers from navigating your site and making a purchase. Make sure you are hiring qualified professionals to design your website for you.

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