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Web Design & Development: How Do These Two Work Together?

When it comes to creating a standout website, design plays an important role in driving greater engagement and traffic to your company. With the rise of the importance of UX on the Web, many people are wondering how web design and web development work together.

Web designers and developers work together, but their main focuses are different. Simply put, the work of a website designer is all about working on the site based on what visitors can see. With this, they get to focus on how users will navigate the site and interact and digest the content. 

On the other hand, developers are more focused on the site’s back end, which users can’t see. However, front-end developers are responsible for building the part of the site the users can see, while back-end developers go into the more technical aspects of the site. 

How the Web Design and Development Work Together

Indeed, the roles of web design and development can be defined similarly. Web design is focused on the visual aspects of the website. It involves the creation of the layout that speaks to the target audience, the use of cohesive brand elements and relevant media and compelling images. 

When the web design is laid out, the web development process may begin. Web development ensures the site is interactive and works from a logistical standpoint. This involves the establishment of the right platform where the site will be built. Additionally, it is up to web developers to add features, such as forms and plugins, and the writing and manipulation of code to achieve the visual goals and ensure that the website runs fast. 

One of the main differences between the two is that they use different software and programs to create a website. 

The Importance of Collaboration

Web design and development requires a lot of collaboration. It’s not new to find some companies that train some individuals to possess both skills. Their technical and creative skills make it possible to bring beautiful and logical websites to life. 

It’s crucial for a web designer and developer to share the same main goal to create the right website for their clients. 

Web development and web design work together to create the website experience. Even though these do not seem like they work alongside each other, there is a lot of collaboration between web design and web development. With the introduction of WordPress as a CMS platform, these two disciplines work together even more.

A Powerful Website for You

Understanding how web design and development work and their differences are important when you’re in the process of creating a website for your business. These two work together but have different roles to fulfil; each is crucial to the website creation process. If you need a web design and developer, there are many agencies out there today that can offer you both. That way, you no longer have to hire multiple companies to get the job done. You only need to take the time to research thoroughly. Or better yet, work with Jam Digital.

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