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The Quick Guide to Creating an Awesome Company Logo

A business logo is an integral part of a company’s brand identity. Some of the most successful enterprises today have logos you can easily recognise in a heartbeat.

A company uses their logos in almost everything—from custom-made company stationery to web designs. Before they stamp their logo on paper or add them to an online poster, they hire professional graphic design companies and go through a complex design process to create a logo that properly represents them.

If you’re planning to design your logo, or at least know what you should look for in a logo, then here are some things you should try to consider before picking your company’s new logo.

Is Your Logo Simple Enough?

Logos are meant to be simple. Some of the most iconic logos are single objects or text arranged in a certain way using a specific font. Does a check or an apple remind you of anything?

A simple logo design allows your brand to be recognisable for people of all ages. This increases brand awareness that can attract your target audience.

Is Your Logo Memorable Enough?

Another benefit of having a simple logo is an enhanced brand recall. Simple logos are memorable, and they keep companies in front of people’s minds.

A good test of a logo’s memorability is to show it to people and ask them to describe it back to you. You can even ask them to draw it from memory. If they can recreate your logo while remembering your company, then you have the makings of a great logo on your hands.

Is Your Logo Unique?

There are a lot of simple and memorable logos in the market today. You can use those as inspiration or for research, but you can’t alter another company’s logo and call it your own.

Firstly, copying another company’s logo even with slight alterations can get you into legal trouble. Bigger companies protect their logo designs with copyrights and trademarks because they’re strongly connected to their businesses. Using a logo that closely resembles others can be seen as misrepresenting their company, which could lead to a lawsuit.

Secondly, if your logo is similar to another company’s logo, brand awareness will be for them rather than yours. Furthermore, it can harm your business’ reputation if people refer to your logo as another brand’s replica.

Is Your Logo Appropriate for Your Business?

A logo visually represents a business. This is why its design needs to be relevant to your business.

Most logos will use variations of icons associated with their field, such as hanging scales or gavels for law firms. Although no one owns the intellectual property rights for these icons and is appropriate for the business, it falls short on uniqueness. However, if you are working with a good graphic design company, they can come up with logo variations using an industry-recognisable icon that will look one of a kind.


Logos are essential to a company’s brand. Since logos are important, companies go through a long and complex design process to ensure that their logos are simple, memorable, unique, and appropriate for their business. 

Creating a logo with these characteristics sounds easy on paper, but in reality, it’s quite challenging. There is an easy way to overcome this hurdle: hire a reputable graphic design company that can help bring to life your vision and tweak it for success.

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