website design trends 2022

Top Web Design Trends to Apply to Your Website in 2022

Web design trends follow a cyclical pattern that shifts over the years, but 2022 may stand out for a variety of reasons. While current events such as the pandemic have had a significant impact, mobile devices are also becoming a valuable factor in these trends. On top of that, many users also value privacy and security as top concerns.

While a lot of complexity was added to online sites in recent years as technical capabilities have improved, web designers and developers must also respond to cultural issues like economic recovery, privacy, and safety. The year 2022 can usher in sites that course-correct toward transparency, openness, and simplicity.

Below are some of the top web design trends in 2022 that can guide you as you work on improving your website.

Immersing Visitors through Video And Animation

You can use more background video and animations to captivate your visitor’s thoughts, offer a soothing motion to your page, reduce bounce rate, and help visitors engage with your content.

Animations are very beneficial for conveying complicated concepts and processes in a clear and understandable manner. While accommodating text with visuals is nothing new, they can present your idea in a manner that words alone cannot.

Applying Simple Concepts

Instead of placing everything on one page, your design should shift toward lighter-weight experiences that invite users to go deeper in your sales funnel. To achieve this, In 2022 remember to use fewer words, soothing colours, brilliant visuals, and simple calls to action.

Instead of elaborate interactions that leave visitors feeling overwhelmed with information, use simplified messaging that encourages them to want to learn more.

For web forms, a few questions spread out over a few interactions are proven to be a more effective way for engaging new leads than putting up a single large form.

Projecting the Feeling of Safety

Because of the stressful events of 2020 and 2021, design trends are changing to make people feel safe and ready to engage online. Websites are altering their designs to give individuals space, lessen their anxiety, and make them feel comfortable and safe.

Now, websites have more imagery that suggests outdoor environments, as well as designs inspired by home decor. You can use natural, organic shapes to make your website feel unique, compelling, and alive.

It’s all about aesthetics and sensations, so it’s best to utilise designs that feel spacious, inviting and accommodating. Since people want to be away from home while also seeking the assurance of being indoors, your visitors’ perception of security and safety will be enhanced.

Allowing More Customisation and Accessibility

More websites are including theme and font customisations, with accessibility at the top of the list. Accessibility features like font scaling, contrast adjustment, and dark mode capabilities are becoming much more available.

When you use these features in your website, you’re showing your customers that you’re thinking about their wants and needs.

Conveying Positivity

Design trends are influenced by cultural ideas. Unfortunately, the modern internet is littered with negative opinions and ideals. Information overload is common, and it interferes with people’s ability to cope with and comprehend their experiences.

In 2022 and beyond, successful websites will combat this by building user-friendly experiences that encourage positive thinking and kindness.


With straightforward narrative and compelling imagery, websites can help with cultivating ideas of rehabilitation and growth. These trends emphasise assisting rather than directing your visitors, which will encourage them to think positively about your site and their relationship with your brand.

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