web development with good CTA

Improve Your Web Design & Overall User Experience

Did you know that it takes less than five seconds for your website visitors to make a choice of whether they’d stay and explore your site more or find what they need elsewhere?

This should give you an idea of how vital website design is, as it might be the most significant factor that dictates whether or not your website visitors will stay or leave. 

Optimising your website through innovative and effective web design is therefore crucial. To help you out, Jam Digital, a trusted creative agency in Wagga, shares some web design practices for you to follow: 

Optimise Page Load Speed

Page loading time is so important. You wouldn’t want to wait for a long time for a web page to load. Internet users are likely to take negative actions if they have to wait long to load a webpage. This might be the cause of losing the user to the page.

Optimise your web pages and website content to load quickly to ensure that your website visitors do not get annoyed. Give your readers the options to download your materials immediately or download on-demand.

Focus on Accessibility

It is simple to assume that all website visitors view websites on a desktop or laptop computer. However, most internet users today use smartphones and other handheld technology to access the web.

Therefore, your website should be accessible on various devices to ensure that your web visitors can experience your services.

Ensure You Have Clear and Compelling CTAs

The CTA or call-to-action is the most crucial element of your website. A web visitor will only respond to a CTA if it meets or exceeds their expectations. Make your CTAs clear and compelling to ensure that your visitors find the information they need.

Choose Strong and Catchy Headlines

Creating a strong headline is one of the best ways to draw your readers in. This is a crucial element of your website.

People respond to headlines. Therefore, your headlines should be powerful and catchy to draw your visitors’ attention.

Make Navigation Easy for Users

No one wants to explore a website that is hard to navigate. Make it simple for your internet users to navigate your website.

Focus on Site Structure and Navigation

The way your web content is designed and organised on your website will determine how easy it is for your site visitors to find what they need.

Make sure that you place the most important and helpful content at the beginning of your web pages. Also, use good site navigation and keep your links intact so that site visitors can easily click through your content.

Let them quickly find what they need on your website. Don’t add clutter to your web page. Go for a straightforward design, so it’s not confusing.

Make navigation easy with clearly labeled links, navigation tabs, and navigation buttons.


These are just some of the basic web design practices that you should follow to create a compelling and professional website for your business.

The key is to remember that your website visitors will only stay if you offer them a good user experience. Focus on these five areas to ensure that your website will be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Of course, you can always seek the help of a reputable creative agency in Wagga to help you with your web design. 

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